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PostSubject: Leaving...   Wed May 27, 2009 4:41 pm

So i want to preface this post by saying that this clan had the potential to be good, but it was wasted.

I joined SF thinking "hey this is a great opportunity, i love helping new clans out." But it seems that through a combination of ill recruitment, ill recruitment strategy, and a somewhat lax leadership in these matters have driven a large portion of the ja+ community to a distaste of the entire clan. I have tried on countless occasions to defend the clan as a whole with the defense of not letting a few bad apples spoil the batch, however they would not have it.

It seems that the reputation that has been given to this clan is ir-reconcilable, and i had hoped that the leadership would go to the other clans forums and state how they would fix this problem of recruitment on other servers, however no such luck.

It is with no ill will that i am leaving SF, and i hope to continue a friendship with most of you. I hope you understand my position of leaving, as there are at least 3 major clans at least talking about a ban on sight of any SF member. If this clan chooses to continue it's activities in an honorable way, with proper recruitment strategies, i would be placid about coming back here. I always figured that the best way to get the best recruits was to show the community how skilled yet how honorable you are.

anyhow, i understand if any of you would rather not speak to me anymore, etc. However, please do not take this post as having any malice in it, as it was not intended.

Good luck, and happy gaming. Smile

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