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 The Ranking System

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PostSubject: The Ranking System   Sat May 09, 2009 10:12 pm

Earlier Ranks will take around 4 days - 2 weeks max to earn. Later Ranks will take around 2 weeks - a month max to earn. Trials will be distributed, but will not be the sole factor of your rank. Merely as a test of progress.

Recruit - The first rank you earn, just put in an application and your a recruit. We Recommend before you put in an application you take a few days to get to know everybody. (R is the Tag)

Jedi Initiate - First Rank into the clan. (I is the Tag)

Jedi Padawan - Second Rank into the clan. (P is the Tag)

Jedi Knight - Third Rank into the clan. First Admin rank. Must be tested to make sure you are admin worthy. If not, you will be trained in the correct ways of using it. (K is the tag)

Jedi Master - Fourth Rank of the clan. Must be trialed, not a skill based rank, but we need to make sure you have the basic concepts etc of the game down. (M is the Tag)

Jedi Shadow - Fifth Rank of the clan. Must be trialed As well.
(S is the tag)

Councilor/Council Member - Fifth Rank of the clan. Must be invited by One of the Grand Masters to earn this rank. With this rank comes Knight Admin. (C is the tag)

Master of the Order - Council Ranking Admin rank. Final Rank of the clan. Must also be invited into by BOTH of the Grand Masters.
(OM is the tag)

Grand Master - Leader.

Knight Admin may be given at any rank into the clan, but only if we recognize you as trustworthy.

Special Ranks that can be earned.

Jedi Guardian - Rank can only be earned once you have reached Master Rank. Jedi Guardians Excel in Battle greatly ahead of a normal Jedi.
(You can earn this rank through being very skilled in saber battle)
(This rank is the prestige rank of Brute, Marauder, and General)
(Tag is G)

Jedi Brute - Excels in the wielding of a staff saber.
(Can be earned if you are exceptional at staff)
(Tag is B)

Jedi Lord - Political Ambassador of the Jedi.
(Rank can be earned through serving as an arbiter between other clans ex: Setting up clan matches, notifying us of possible alliances etc. Must be a Master or Councilor or Higher to earn this rank)
(Tag is L)

Jedi Trainer - Can be earned through helping newer players, learn and understand the game with a better understanding. (Must already be a Knight to earn this rank)
(Tag is T)

Jedi Marauder - Specializes in Dual Wielding sabers.
(Can be earned by excelling in Dual Sabers)
(Tag is JM)

Jedi General - Specializes in Single Sabers.
(May be earned by excelling in Single Saber Arts)
(Tag is JG)

If you have earned a special Rank, you may either wear those tags, or your clan tags, it does not matter, you will just have earned a dual rank, whichever you want to represent yourself is fine.

More Special Ranks coming later.
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The Ranking System
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